Our Values

  1. CIRCLES – I strengthen my connection to men by gathering in circles where all men are seen and no one sits apart from or above any other man.
  2. INCLUSIVITY – I welcome all men to sit in the circle.  I reach out to the next man who is ready to join and expand it.
  3. SAFETY – Everything that is shared in the circle is kept confidential, and any man may “pass” on a process.  I believe it is my job to keep circles safe, and know that each man has his own idea of what makes him safe.
  4. SELF AWARENESS – I know what is true, how I feel and what judgments I carry.  I get clear about what I want, and how that may differ from what others want of me.
  5. EMOTIONAL AUTHENTICITY – I experience sadness, anger, fear and joy.  I share these feelings in the circle and in any other setting I judge to be appropriate.
  6. SHADOW – I acknowledge there are parts of myself that I hide, repress and deny (from myself and others).  I believe these parts shape my behavior just as my conscious intentions do.
  7. PROJECTION – I own the feelings and judgments I project onto others.   I realize that I cannot fully know or speak for another man and therefore use “I statements” rather than say what you feel, do or believe.
  8. INTEGRITY – I consider my word to be sacred.  I hold myself accountable for doing what I say I will do.  I take responsibility for the intended and unintended consequences of my actions.
  9. MISSION – I am committed to living my mission in a way that translates to daily choices about the action I take.
  10. EMPOWERMENT – I support other men in discovering and expressing what they want, and empower myself to choose whether I give them their want.
  11. MENTORING – I believe that my work mentors other men, just as other men’s work mentors me.  I seek feedback, and give feedback when requested, without giving advice.
  12. BLESSING– I choose to bless myself and other men for all that we are and for all the goodness we bring into the world.
    Developed by George Small and The Elder Council of the North Texas Community of MKP.