MKP-South Central Area

Houston, North Texas, Central Texas, Louisiana, San Antonio and Gulfport, Mississippi

The ManKind Project, South Central Area is a vibrant and growing community of men dedicated to ‘Changing the World One Man at a Time’. As a full training center that is part of the ManKind Project International, men of the ManKind Project -South Central Area are involved in many different aspects of making our world a safer place for men to experience the true meaning of being a man in today’s complex world. The men of the South Central Area support a number of diverse trainings including hosting five New Warrior Training Adventures annually along with other personal development workshops, social gatherings and a number of varied out reach programs.

The South Central ManKind Project community was formed in 2012 when the MKP communities of Houston, North Texas, Central Texas and Louisiana merged together. These four communities bring over 20 years of experience and over 5000 initiated men to the South Central community. In 2016 the communities of San Antonio and Gulfport, Mississippi have officially been added to SCA and help to continue the growth of mature masculinity.