This is a private website just for warriors and is slowly replacing the CAA webpage, the old Mailman list serve and the old Warrior Circle Webpage.

Here you can:

·      Search for contact information for other warriors – this is the best way to find anyone’s contact info that is part of MKP. You just click the find a warrior link at the top and put in the information you know.

·      See your own contact info and staffing’s, MOS’s, other trainings you have attended(This is slowly getting more accurate by the day and Houston men may be less accurate than others for awhile longer) – this information is on your profile page. Your profile page also shows you what V-groups you are a part of and what your current contacts show.

·      Find all protocols and other downloadable files – at the top of the screen is a yellow link that says MKP INFORMATION LINKS – When you click this you will see a new box open up that has links to many downloadable files. Most importantly you can find protocols here. Here you can also find links to other reports and forms, calendars for upcoming trainings and next level trainings as well as information for other centers. This is also where we are storing SCA community documents like finance reports, minutes and other important documents. Click File Storage(downloads)>Community File Storage> MKP South Central

·      See upcoming NWTA’s and next level trainings – just click the link at the top that says trainings and events.

·      Find contact information for other centers and MKPUSA council members – this is under the contacts list under the information link tab

·      Find LIT/CLC lists for MKPUSA – again this is under the contacts list under the information link tab

·      Find Leader/Co-leader contact information – once again under the contacts list under the information link tab

·      Adjust how you receive V-group emails (a V-group is a virtual group, it’s the new term for a list serve) – you can change how you receive information from MKPUSA. You can get a digest of information or you can choose to not receive emails and go to the website and grab the information you want. You will still be subscribed to the V-groups you want to be you just wont get emails from them. If you need to see a post you just click the V-group you want information about and click the posts tab

·      Adjust what V-groups you are on – you an unsubscribe from V-groups or look or new ones to be part of.

·      Request a new V-group – You can find this under the information links tab- then under the email lists link.

·      Read news from around the country about MKP issues and events – this is at the top of the and you can keep it opened or closed. If you keep it closed I invite you to open it and see what is going on every once in awhile.

You log into this site with your CAA login info.

This is going to be the main site for warriors soon and you should be able to find everything you will need here. You will soon be able to sign up to staff through this website also.